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The measurement system DYNAguard L is a microwave barrier and consist of a transmitter and a receiver unit. It is used for level monitoring or level detection of bulk material e.g. in silos, pipelines, chutes, containers, feeding- / receiving vessels and hoppers.

Based on the est microwave technology, the transmitter unit lat sends out microwaves which are evaluated by the receiver unit. Bulk material that is conveyed e.g. into a hopper is piling up slowly between transmitter and receiver and attenuates the signal. This initiates a ndividually adjustable switching operation which indicates that a certain level in the hopper is reached. Conversely the system can be used for minimum level detection also when silos are emptied.

The DYNAguard L can also measure through electrical insulators. In case of special process conditions (temperature, pressure, specific products) this allows also to disconnect the system from the vessel to be monitored.

Material of housing Stainless steel
Sensor surface Plastic [optionally ceramic for abrasive substances]
International Protection
Measuring System
1,3 kg
Storage temperature -20 °C bis 60 °C [non-condensing]
Operating temperature -20 °C bis 60 °C [non-condensing]
Process temperature -20 °C bis 85 °C
Process pressure Max. 2 bar [optionally 25 bar with ceramic sensor surface]
Operating voltage 24 VDC [18 VDC … 30 VDC]

Current drain

Max. 80 mA
Power < 2 W
Transmit frequency 24,000 Ghz … 24,250 GHz
Transmit power 10 dBm
Measuring range 15 cm up to 25 m
Hysteresis Adjustable
Switching delay Adjustable [50 ms to 50 s]
Relay output SPST or SPDT, floating
Switching voltage 35 VAC bzw. 45 VDC
Switching current Min. 10 µA & max. 1 A
Switching power  35 VA resp. 30 W
Cable gland  M16
Connection Pluggable screw connectors

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