DYNAguard M

Flow Indicator for Solids   'flow / no flow'

  • Microwave technique

  • Compact design with relay output

  • Detection of only moving material - not influenced by deposits

  • Easy outside mounting at pipes of non-conductive material

  • Reliable, longterm stable, maintenance free

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The microwave-indicator DYNAguard M is used for monitoring the mass flow in open and closed transport processes also with big distances between sensor and conveyed material.

Independent of particles moving direction solid materials with velocity of at least 0.1 m/s will be detected by passing the microwave field.

Conveying or feeding problems of powders, pellets or granules are detected early and thus should be avoided. This helps to prevent plant failures like clogging, material loss, idle or other serious difficulties.

DYNAguard M has to be installed with an angle of 45° up to 90° of flow direction. Moving mechanical parts e.g. rotary valves, propellers or similar should not be in the detection field, because this might be detected as flow of material. If these 'disturbance source' can not be displaced, they have to be shielded or a DYNAguard of electrostatic type as DYNAguard P should be used.


Material Housing Stainl. steel 1.4305 (ASIS 303)
  Window (standard) PTFE
  Sealing (standard) NBR
Ambient cond. Temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C (-4 °F ... +158 °F)
  Degree of protection IP 65 (EN 60529)
  EMC Nach EN 61326-1
Process cond. Temperature -20 ... +90 °C (-4 °F ... +194 °F)
  Pressure Max. 2 bar (29 lbs)
Relay Switching voltage Max. 110 VDC / 125 VAC
    Min. 10 mVDC
  Switching current Max. 1 A, 30 VDC / 0,5 A, 125 VAC
    Min. 10 μA
  Switching power 30 W / 62,5 VA
Microwave Transmitting power 5 mW bei +25 °C
  Frequency 24 GH
Supply Voltage 18 - 36 VDC, 16 - 28 VAC
  Current consumpting Approx. 80 mA bei 24 VDC
Adjustment Sensitivity Wide range
  Damping 0 - 22 s
  Relay hysteresis 0 - 30 %

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