DYNAairguard mit Welle

Dustsensor for Monitoring the Ambient Air

  • Continuous dust measurement of the ambient air

  • Recognise dust formation immediately

  • Monitor dust concentration at workplaces

  • Prevent dust explosions

  • Very quiet in operation - 29 dB(A)




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Application Area

The DYNAairguard is a measuring device for monitoring the dust concentration in the ambient air.
The device is used, for example, in industrial production halls and detects when leaks occur in plants, machines or pneumatic conveying pipelines and dust escapes.
The use of the DYNAairguard effectively protects the health of employees.
In the case of explosive dusts, the danger of dust explosions is detected in time and intervention is possible.

 Continuous Dust Measurement for

  • Workplaces in production halls
  • Machines and plants
  • Pneumatic conveyor lines
  • Big bag filling stations
  • Silo enclosures

When delivered, the sensor is already preset and can usually be used immediately.

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The DYNAairguard – a big gain in safety for very little effort. Give us a call. Or request a ring-back. We can provide valuable advice on dust measurement.



How it works

The DYNAairguard technology is based on the proven electrostatic measuring principle (further development of the triboelectric principle), whereby particles are detected that collide with or fly past the sensor rod.
Deposits on the sensor rod do not influence the measurement. Only moving particles generate a signal that is proportional to the dust content of the ambient air and is evaluated by the electronics.
To measure the dust concentration of the ambient air, an air flow is continuously drawn through the device by a quiet and at the same time robust fan. The air passes the sensor rod inside the rectangular duct and exits on the fan side.
Two electronic versions are available
• with analogue output (4 ... 20 mA)
• with relay output


Dimension in mm




Versorgung (Versionen mit Schaltausgang) 24 VDC
Versorgung (Versionen mit Analogausgang) 24 VDC
Ausgang (Versionen mit Relais-Schaltausgang) Max. 48 VAC/DC, 1A
  NC (Öffner) NO (Schließer) umschaltbar
Ausgang (Versionen mit Analogausgang) 4 .. 20 mA (aktiv), galvanisch getrennt, Bürde < 500 Ω
Empfindlichkeit ab 0,1 mg/m³
Dämpfung 0 .. 10 s
Schaltpunkt (Versionen mit Schaltausgang) 1 .. 10 einstellbar
Abgleich (Versionen mit Analogausgang) 4 mA Nullpegel
Umgebungstemperatur -20 °C .. +50 °C (-4 °F .. 122 °F)
Volumenstrom ca. 100m³/h
Geräuschentwicklung 29 dB(A)
Material Strümungskanal Stahl, lackiert
Material Elektronik-Gehäuse Edelstahl 1.4301
Material Sensorstab Edelstahl 1.4571
Sensorstab-Isolierung PEEK
Material Dichtung FPM
Schutzart IP20 (EN 60529)
Störfestigkeit gemäß EN 61326-1
Gewicht 6 kg




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