For the determination of solids velocity

  • No influence to the material to be measured

  • Non-contact

  • Maintenance free technology

  • No calibration as a result of absolute run time measurement

  • Wide density dynamic range as a result of automatic adaptation capabilities 

  • For exact length measurements of threads or foils

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The DYNAvel measuring system provides a method that is just as reliable as it is accurate, which gives you the contactless determination of the actual solids velocity in pneumatic flow processes as well as in free fall applications, but also at filaments, films or sheets.
The measurement arrangement consists of the process connection implemented in the flow line made up of sensor technology (1), the “intelligent” measurement electronics unit (2) and the DYNAcon communication unit (4). A digital connecting cable (3) with a maximum length of 1000 metres offers a high degree of noise resistance and at several measuring points very little wiring effort, because it allows up to ten systems to be connected on one line..

Alternately or in addition to the communication unit, the DYNA PRO Visual software in combination with a notebook can be used for the setting and back up of the parameters. Then, the DYNAvel sensor electronics unit directly carries out the analogue output of the measured values.




                           Velocity Measurement of Foils 

         Velocity Measurement of Threads


The DYNAvel velocity measurement provides a reliable method to optimize flow processes. Not only is it possible to utilize flow gas more efficiently and minimize wear, but a more “gentle” flow reduces friction to the flow particle.

What’s more, a timely integration of the velocity values makes it possible to realize a more accurate length measurement of, for example, filaments, films and sheets. In combination with a separate concentration measurement (radiometry or microwave) the result is a unique flow measurement that provides continuous mass flow detection.

We offer a wide range of application expertise plus a variety of different sensor options for a large number of application options that, for example, can be used for highest pressure and temperature requirements. Of course, this is only possible by using state-of-theart manufacturing and testing procedures made in Germany.

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