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In-line particle size measurement in real time

  • Continuous process recording - Industry 4.0

  • Detect screen damage, overflow, overload

  • Adjust & optimise screening and grinding processes

  • Continuous incoming goods inspection



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DYNAsize is a measuring device for the continuous determination of the particle size of free-flowing bulk materials of all kinds. It is not necessary to take samples for this, because the measurement takes place directly in the process and in real time.
If the adjustable limit values are exceeded or undershot, an alarm can be triggered via two relays. The grain size distribution is displayed using the DYNAsize Visual software and can also optionally be output via an RS485 interface.
The bulk material falls through the sensor pipe for measurement. A representative partial flow is continuously fed to an optical measuring system and measured. The optics are protected by scratch-resistant borosilicate glass and contamination is prevented by purge air.

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The DYNAsize is unique in its kind and was developed in cooperation with CeMOS respectively the Hochschule Mannheim - University of Applied Sciences.


The benefits to you:

• Process and quality security through precise, continuous particle size measurement

• Continuous screen monitoring: Screen damage, clogging, overflow, utilisation of the screen lining

• Optimal utilisation of screen surfaces

• Significantly faster response time than in laboratory analyses

• Reduction / avoidance of manual sampling
• Easy integration into existing systems

• Time savings when optimising screening and grinding plants

• Representative sampling, avoidance of error-prone, manual sampling

• Avoidance of re-screening and downtime

• Excellent cost-benefit ratio









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Using the DYNAsize Visual software, operating the particle measurement and visualising the measured values is easy. The currently measured grain size distribution is continuously displayed.
In another view, the change in the grain size distribution over time can be shown and documented like with a plotter.
A license for the DYNAsize Visual software comes with every measuring system.



Illu Process Monitoring F6Quality assurance / continuous process monitoring
Continuous measurement makes it possible to continuously monitor a wide variety of processes. Complex laboratory tests on samples can either be reduced or eliminated entirely.
Increased process transparency and process reliability is also possible in places where sampling was previously difficult or impossible.
In the course of the digitalisation of manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0), increasing requirements with regard to quality assurance, plant availability and efficiency, DYNAsize opens up new possibilities for optimisation.





Illu Screen Brakage T5Screen damage detection
Immediate screen damage detection in the process saves time and money. Continuous, reliable particle size measurement of the grain size means that a screen crack can be reacted to immediately.

Valuable time - often many hours - can elapse before results of a normal laboratory test are available. Time in which a batch is processed that does not meet the quality requirements. In the best case, once the screen crack has been removed, a batch "only" has to be passed through the screening plant again.

Consequential damage can, however, also be significantly greater.
However, by immediately shutting down the system, a batch can be completely saved.




Illu Screen Clogging T6Screen clogging detection
Some products tend to clog screens slowly, e.g. by cumulative build-ups. The result is that the grain size distribution constantly shifts downwards. Good product is increasingly discharged with coarse grains. The performance of the screen drops, good product is lost, and the product no longer meets the specification.
With DYNAsize, the slow clogging of screens can be detected early because the particle size distribution of the oversized grain is measured continuously and without any time delay. Measurement results can be visualised with the supplied software or via the PLC.
An exchange or cleaning of the screen lining can be planned in advance and is not surprising.




Illu Screen Overflow T7Overloading screens
If a screen is overloaded and too much product gets onto the screen lining, deviating particles can end up amongst the desired grain size. With DYNAsize permanent monitoring, this is detected immediately, and measures can be taken.






Illu Big Bag Discharging B7Incoming goods inspection in real time saves time & money
Trust is good, control is better. With the DYNAsize you can check in real time whether the goods delivered actually meet the specification. In the event of deviations, the system immediately alerts the operator on site. If the measurement is integrated into the system control, automated measures can also be initiated. There is no need to wait for laboratory results and the delivered goods can be processed quickly and safely.
In addition, continuous particle size measurement has the advantage that not only one or a few manually drawn samples are used for testing. In this way, deviations can be reliably detected, especially when the bulk material is separated due to transport (Brazil nut effect / segregation).




Illu Mill Z1 DYNAsizeAdjustment of screening and grinding plants
Product changes require plants to be individually adjusted to the respective product again and again. Frequent changes mean a lot of time. The time required for setting can also be considerable when starting up new plants.
This time can be reduced to a minimum by means of continuous particle size measurement with DYNAsize. Because the effects of changes in machine settings are measured precisely and are immediately visible.




Illu Cutting Mill Z2Cutting mill monitoring
The service life of knives in cutting mills is limited and replacement knives are a real cost factor. With continuous particle size measurement, the tool life can be maximised to save costs. It also reliably detects when the knives must be replaced at the latest in order to keep the material safely within the product specification.




Give us a call. We will be glad to provide you valuable advice on inline particle size measurement.


Weight  40 / 44 / 55 kg
 Light output
 ≤ 7 mW
Supply voltage  12 VDC
 Current consumption  105 mA
Degree of protection  IP 65
 Noise level  20 dB(A) nach DIN 45635
Interfaces  1 x RS485 – IS
Process temperature
 - 10…+60° C (14...140° F)
Ambient temperature  0…+40° C (32...104° F)
Process pressure max. 6 bar / 87 psi
Purge air quality Instrument air
Certificates ATEX zones inside / surrounding
DYNAsize Visual   
System requirements  Min. Windows XP – service pack 3

Subject to changes.




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