DYNAguard GM

Broken Bag Detector / Filter Monitor /

Dust Detector

  • Electrostatic / triboelectric

  • Compact design

  • Detection of only moving material - not influenced by deposits

  • Relay and 4...20mA version

  • High temperature version (200°C / 392°F)

  • Sensitivity 0.1 mg/m3 (all dust types)

  • Flow displayed by LED-bar (relay version)

  • Reliable, longterm stable, maintenance free

  • Low cost

  • Description
  • Technical Data
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The broken bag detector DYNAguard GM is used for the detection of filter malfunction e.g. a broken bag or an installation error.
The DYNAguard technology is based on a modified triboelectric principle detecting particles interacting with the sensing rod and such particles just passing the rod. Build up on the rod surface will not be detected, only moving particles generate a flow rate proportional signal which is monitored by the electronics. Three electronics versions are available with analogue (GM20), relay (GM01) or transistor (GM02) output. Adaptation is done under normal conditions by switches and potentiometer, DYNAguard's alarm level (GM01, GM02) can be set above this background. Signal damping is selectable by the user.

The length of the sensor rod should be 1/3 to 2/3 of the duct diameter, 800mm maximum.

The broken bag detector is installed on the clean gas side downstream the filter at a metal duct by welding on of a thread bush boring through the duct wall and screwing in DYNAguard. Upstream and downstream the sensor at least three duct diameters should be straight without any fittings like valves or dampers.

Comissioning is simple and requires no tools or speciali equipment.

Proven technology for reliable dust measurement.


Material Housing Stainl. steel 1.4305 (ASIS 303)
  Sensorrod (standard) Stainl. steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)
  Isolation (standard) Polyamid (PA)
  Sealing (standard) NBR
Ambient cond. Temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C (-4 °F ... +158 °F)
  Degree of protection IP 67 (EN 60529)
  EMC According to  EN 61326-1
Process Sensitivity 0,1 mg/m³
  Temperature Standard: max. +90 °C (+194 °F)
    Optional +130 °C / +200 °C
  Pressure Max. 6 bar (84 lbs) / optional 10 bar (145 lbs)
Output DYNAguard GM01 Relay: max. 48 V AC/DC, 1A
    High/low switchable
  DYNAguard GM02 Transistor: galvanically isolated 
    Max. 31 V DC, 15 mA
    High/low switchable
  DYNAguard GM20 4 - 20 mA, galvanically isolated
    Load < 500 Ω
Supply voltage DYNAguard GM01/02 17 - 31 V DC, max. 60 mA
  DYNAguard GM20 17 - 31 V DC, max. 90 mA
Adjustment Sensitivity 1 - 180.000
  Damping 0 - 10 s (GM01/02), 0 - 180 s (GM20)
  Switchpoint 1 - 10 (DYNAguard GM01/02))
  Zero set 4 mA (DYNAguard GM20)

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