DYNAguard S

Flow monitoring of bulk solids in flexible hoses

  • Integral measurement and trend output

  • Easy process integration

  • For conductive and non-conductive hoses

  • In pneumatic conveying and free fall

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The flow switch DYNAguard S is used to monitor the flow of solids in flexible hoses. It indicates through a relay output when a threshold is exceeded. The version with analogue output (4…20 mA) can additionally indicate a flow trend.

When granulates, powders, blasting material, abrasives, dust or other solids are (pneumatically) transported, blockages, an empty hopper, rat holing or a product-bridge at the bottom of a storage tank can immediately and securely be recognized.
The measurement principle is based on the detection of moving electrical charges which naturally adhere to the solids surface and are produced e.g. through friction on the hose-wall. Only moving particles generate a signal.
The hose is simply passed through the instrument (version T) and is tightened with the hose fittings. In applications with conductive hoses, or in cases where the
hose must be cut for installation, the version E is used. Here the hose is plugged into hose fittings from two sides.
Give us a call. We can provide valuable advice on solid material flow detection / flow monitoring.


Material Housing Edelstahl 1.4305 (ASIS 303)
  Isolation (standard) PA (Standard)
  Sealing (standard) NBR (Standard)
    FPM (Ex-Ausführung)
Ambient cond. Temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C (-4 °F ... +158 °F)
  Degree of protection IP 67 (EN 60529)
  EMC Nach EN 61326-1
Process cond. Sensitivity 0,1 mg/m³
  Temperature Standard: max. +70 °C (+158 °F)
  Pressure Max. 10 bar (140 lbs)
Output DYNAguard S01 Relais: max. 48 V AC/DC, 1A
  DYNAguard S02 Transistor: galvanisch getrennt
    Max. 31 V DC, 15 mA
  DYNAguard S20 4 - 20 mA, galvanisch getrennt
    Bürde < 500 Ω
Supply voltage DYNAguard S01/02 17 - 31 V DC, max. 60 mA
  DYNAguard S20 17 - 31 V DC, max. 90 mA
Adjustment Sensitivity 1 - 180.000
  Damping 0 - 10 s (S01/02), 0 - 180 s (S20)
  Switchpoint 1 - 10 (DYNAguard S01/02)
  Zero set 4 mA (DYNAguard S20)
  Switch output High/low switchable

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