Continuous mass flow measurement

  • Non-contact measurement

  • High precision

  • Pressure resistant up to 64 bar

  • Independent of the product characteristics

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DYNArad combines the measurement values of density and velocity (DYNAvel) to determine teh mass flow rate at pneumatic conveying processes and free fall applications.

In particular for the flue ash humidification control at power plants (up to 450 t/h) DYNAvel has proved its worth worldwide.

Thanks to the non-contact measurement no maintenance costs arise.

Mode of operation

The radiometric measurement of density is based on the Gamma transmission principle. The radiation, emitted from a shielded source is directed through the pipeline towards a scintillation detector at the opposite side. When irradiating the pipeline, the radiation is attenuated. The extent to which it is attenuated is directly proportional to the density of the measured material, since type of radiation and measuring geometry are constant. 
Moreover the measurement performance is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, color or chemical properties of the measured material.

  • Non-contacting and non-intrusive
  • No wear and tear
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • Unaffected by temperature, pressure, dust, colour, conductivity or chemical properties of the medium
  • Reliable measurement even under extreme measurement conditions

For details of the velocity measurement please refer to DYNAvel.

The mass flow rate is resulting from density, speed and cross section of the pipe.


In cooperation with BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG Germany.


Measurement methods

Velocity measurement:
non-contact electrostatic / capacitive
Concentration measurement:
non-contact radiometric


DN 100...DN 400
DIN flange, ANSI flange...

Measuring range

Velocity: 2...30 m/s
Concentration: 50...1000 kg/m3
Flow rate: bis 500 t/h

Accuracy typically 1% of the end value
Measuring material Bulk materials of any kind
Type of conveying Pneumatic conveying, free-fall
 Installation position  Any

Housing: Steel, galvanized, coated or stainless
steel Sensor pipe velocity measurement: glass
fibre reinforced epoxy (standard)

Temperature Environment: -20...70°C Process: -20...120°C Storage: -20...80°C
 Pressure up to 64 bar
 Protection class IP 67



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